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    Faces at YOU

    There's nothing more beautiful than people's faces.

    While visiting the YOU in Berlin I took my camera - instead of filming rollerblading I made some shots of people and friends I almost know for so many years.
    Rollerbladers friendship at its best.

    Mostly used my Auto Revuenon 55mm f1.4 which became more like a tele at my Lumix.
    Used Magic Bullet Looks für Color Correction.

    Music by
    Joy Division - Atmosphere

    Please check out my other stuff I made with my Lumix - 180 Festival and Good Times in Austria.
    Thanks so far

    Wow that was beautiful! What a sick lens! That looked absolutely fantastic. I assume you shot 720 since I believe I saw some slow motion in there...

    Great editing too, loved it all except for the last of the guy getting slapped, kind of ruined the feel of the piece for me.

    What did you use for stabilization? I love the smoothness of your pans/tilts.


      thank you so far.
      used my manfrotto tripod for stabilization + glidetrack for that one dolly shot.
      yes ur right with that last shot. destroyed the feel, but I just got this shot from him, felt like I had to put it into it.
      yes, it was 720p50.


        Which head did you use on the tripod?