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i don't think you're ready for this jelly

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    i don't think you're ready for this jelly

    went out and tested slomo with the 50mm 1.8 nikon today
    uploaded full rez, and "Apple TV" export from quicktime...

    settings for the "FlowerJelly" and "4clips" clip are avchd 720 60p 1.8-2.8, 200iso, 1/60shutter

    settings on the "frisbee_test" are the same, except 1/125 shutter

    used 8xND filter on all of it

    all conformed in cinema tools for hot slo mo action...

    as you can see, there is definitely artifacts when moving quickly... but if you're solid enough, it's quite nice...

    anyway: 5.4mb 108mb 28.4mb 577mb 30mb 638mb
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    That fast whipping was SLO-MO?!?!

    Well yeah that'll do it.
    "Can't stop the signal."


      yeah... it was in between concentrating on getting a decent shot... repositioning the glidecam... plus, that 50mm isn't exactly glidecam friendly... i'll be happy to be using something with a low f-stop in the 10-20mm range hopefully soon. That should make a huge difference in steady-ness
      but it still makes me cringe a little to think of situations where i would move the camera quickly. it doesn't happen often... and i understand it's closer to working like film pans, etc... but that's definitely a limitation for this camera. and i can finally see it for myself. just have to be careful

      can't wait to test out some more glass!!! what a powerful package
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