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GH1 Music Video for Jacqueline Blouin

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    GH1 Music Video for Jacqueline Blouin

    I shot this in Berlin last weekend, it's kinda semi-professional work. The singer song writer is Jackie Blouin (

    On some of the park scenes there is a lot of compression and the AF tracking is off in some of the shots. So not perfect but it was fun to do!

    The compression makes me wish I had a 7D sometimes.

    Favourite shot is towards the end with the sun behind her, catching her hair as she sings "Erase and Rewind". This was done with a Canon 10-22mm EFS lens at F3.5... better than the Tokina 11-16mm in my opinion but still no aperature control unless you have a spare Canon body ready.

    Stabiliser made adjusting focus manually on the fly impossible, so AF in video DOES have a strong argument for it I think. I only had two backpacks of stuff with me, inc. all my lenses and the stabiliser.

    Anyway... hope you like!

    Can't is Nice shooting. Good image. I'm thinking about this.



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      closeup forest type shots look great. Outside subway scene not as much, reminds me of the canon a1 outside lowlight look.

      any color correction/grading done in post?

      video good, song good, those leggings also good.