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Eat This 7d...... Stand Up Comedy at it's finest

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    Eat This 7d...... Stand Up Comedy at it's finest

    Proud of my GH1 and all it's jello. Bill Cosby is cool with the jello too!

    Shot in Times Square NYC no CC 720p slowed down. Shot with sigma 50mm 1.4

    can't wait for the GH6, Mark 5 D7 and the XYZ3. Don't ask questions just buy stuff.



    Very cool piece, and I like the look of the sigma 50mm.


      Slow Motion Segment

      Wonderful looking piece, thank you for sharing it with us.

      I have the same lens, and I'm curious as to how your shot and rendered, and on what platform to achieve such free flowing and professional looking slow motion?

      Camera settings such as shutter speed, creative motion picture mode?

      FCP? Vegas?

      Timelines and renders?

      Thank you very much.


        Settings and Apps

        Toast 10 for the conversion

        Cinema tools to conform 59.94 to 29.97

        FCP 2 for Edit

        all manual for the Camera. Shutter was set to 160...that's about it.


          very nice piece. Is that Band of Horses as the music? I love those guys and I love stand-up. Going to be gettting back into it myself.. Did it 12 years ago and I hope I won't have to get piss drunk to do it this time..

          Cheers and love to see more....