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GH1 wedding l 40mm Konica pancake l Oblikovalnik

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    GH1 wedding l 40mm Konica pancake l Oblikovalnik

    Hey guys,

    here is the link to the weddding we shot in the beggining of July. It was a pilot project for our newly established artistic wedding video group Video priče (Video bestmen).

    Since I got my hands on this great peace of equipment ( Gh1) about two weeks earlier, I had been really anxious to see it in action! I borrowed a Konica lens & adapter ( Thanks Anže!) and went into action..

    We shot the wedding day with three cameras, GH1, AG-HMC150 & Canon A1. We could coordinate our activities much better, but since this was our first project, I just had to sit a bit longer in the post ;).

    I am VERY pleased with the form & function of this setup! There still are a few problems, but it's nothing that couldn't be beat.

    One is the weight of the camera. For some seriously important moments ( signing of the contract, ring etc. ) you should either use a kit lens with the stabilizer, some heavy shoulder support or have the camera on the tripod. Handheld is a no go, especially when your pulse is 130, after having to run the church hall for getting the angle you want ( 80mm lens only means lots of running on a day like wedding day ;)

    My second major concern is the lack of a good wide lens. Those wide Schneiders are great, but they cost a fortune.. and it's hard to get them.. So I guess it's back to the kit lens and waiting for the new Panasonic / Oly lens, that should be out this autumn..

    Otherwise, this is the perfect camera that gets you closer to the action - litterally and figuratively speaking. The Tilting LCD, great long focus lenses, the size of Konica setup are great & 50p is an additional bonus, that adds u flexibility in post..

    Jure Plešec l Oblikovalnik

    Hi Jure,

    Thanks for posting. As a wedding videographer, I've been curious to see how the GH1 handles at a wedding. Aside from the stability issues you brought up, it looks like it does pretty fine. For the run and gun stuff, would you recommend staying with the kit lens and using the faster lenses for things like the portrait session and bride prep? Anyway, thanks for the share. It looks great.

    Chris W
    Watson Videography


      Thx Chris,

      I would definetelly recomend you the kit lens for any situation where the pulse might get higher, meaning your shaky hands will be out of control. The problem is the light.
      Kit lens is quite slow, as you allready know, and thus I tend to avoid it in low-light situations. I think the compromise would be to use a tripod, monopod or a shoulder mount with the prime lens. Quality-wise there is really no comparisement between the good fast lens and the Kit lens.

      I think the best thing in this little devil is the extremely wide array of situations it can cover ( with a slight flexibility on the part of the shooter ). Kit lens makes it a versatile and useful video acuisition tool, while the primes turn it into an incredible creative tool, which allows you to persue artistic research..

      I would say - go for it. It's great tool for real manual shooting.

      Greets from Ljubljana,



        Dobrodosao na dvxuser!
        Ja sam iz Pule ;)
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          There are wide Schneiders? As in, 12mm and wider?