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GH1 with Cooke Speed Panchro 18mm Ser. III

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    Hi Kevin, thanks for the upload, i've posted a comment on Vimeo, but here it is again.

    Do you have anyway to compare the stock lens to the panchros by taking a few raw/high res stills, ie. same f.stop, focal length for each. It would be interesting to see the, sharpness, colour rendition, corner softness difference etc. also if you have access to any fd's for comparison that would be great.


      You know a camera is good when it makes a fence look amazing. Panasonic needs to go ahead and release this camera already. Because my Japanese menu is killing me. Hopefully the retail price does not jump to $2000, do to how popular the GH1 has become. I'll buy 2 if it stays at $1499. Multi-camera shoots are fun in Final Cut Studio 3.
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        Hey Kevin,

        Just wondering if there was any color grading in post or if this is what came out of the camera with that lens on? The color is so pleasing (aside from it being magic hour and all).



          Good point; I should mention that there was ZERO grading, tweaking or adjustment of any kind done to the footage.

          I simply 'Log and Transfer'd out of FCP and threw it in the timeline.

          Regarding side-by-side comparisons: this is something I've wanted to do since I got the camera together. I will certainly try to do this soon, and I'll of course post the results here.

          DrCoffee (love the name!) I don't have any FD lenses to compare with, sorry about that...


            Wait... what mount does this lens have on it? and what adapter did you use?

            No cropping or vignetting??


              Link to the adapter? Is Hawkpeng on eBay?
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                For what it's worth I just read in American Cinematographer that Cooke are reintroducing the Panchros this autumn.

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                  Found this link: