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Imaging-Resource RAW samples

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    Imaging-Resource RAW samples

    A few short samples of each setting:

    You can also compare the quality of the stills to any other still camera, side by side:

    The noise is actually well controlled, not D90 level, but better than other 4/3" camera. However, there is some nasty horizontal banding in the shadows starting at ISO 1600, effectively reducing the lower end of the DR at high iso. Crushing the shadows eliminates most of the problem, which could be the reason for the steep default contrast curve in video too.

    EDIT: I see these IR samples are already mentioned in a different thread, sorry about the redundancy.

    EDIT EDIT: seems like the dude posted after me, so I'm not sorry ;)
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    just downloaded zvid_AVCHD_1920x1080_00008.MTS , removed pulldown and...

    when the quick paning starts all is meesed up, the compression artifacts render the video unusuable.

    however never saw this on another videos... may be this is a pre-production camera or something?, lets see
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      Yeah their GH-1 is a pre-production. The 720P even looks bad. The stuff coming from Hunter, Kholi and Bloom. As well Japan doesn't show these weird artifacts. I chalk it up to being a pre-release GH1.
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