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Kastar batteries and fast charger?

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    GH2 Kastar batteries and fast charger?

    Anyone have experience with the Kastar charger and batteries:

    Says the battery level will be shown on the GH2. Most of my batteries are cheap third party that (a) don't hold a charge, and (b) don't show the battery level. Seems like I need an upgrade. I also only have a cheap third party charger so I need a good charger no matter what. I have Wasabi for other cameras and they work fine, but the model for the GH2 said the level was not decoded so I'd be guessing at the level while using them.

    The only 3rd party battery I've had consistently decent results from is the Watson sold by B&H as an alternative to the native Lumix OEM batteries. The one for the G7 has the same shape and fits the GH2 as well as the G7. Price is more than the "el cheapo" 3rd party stuff but far less than the Lumix. I have both the Lumix charger that came with the G7 and the "generic" charger I used for GH2 batteries, both work well with the Watson batteries.


      I think Watson makes a decent charger, I'll have to look. Thanks.