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Yashica 28 80 lens information request

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    Why do people talk about sharp lenses?

    the mechanics matter.

    old manual for manual shooting

    modern af for af shooting View my feature Film


      You won't get it for $30-50, but you will find one pretty cheap if you hunt around. Just check them for centering if after one. If knocked around, the centering can be affected. It's the one lens I still love from the early '90s. Dan Chung was a great fan of them some years back. It is the TOKINA AT-X PRO AF 28-70MM 2.6-2.8. It inherits its pedigree from Angenieux. They exhibit virtually zero breathing and are true parfocal. I have the Mk 1 version of the F/2.6-2.8, and I have an F/2.8 Mk II version. Over the last twenty years I have used them frequently on doco work and have never heard a bad word said about the results. They just aren't as "clinical" looking as the modern short zooms. I guess some people think of the look produced by them as "old cinema". I find on faces, especially older faces, they are a gentle lens with character. On S35 with a Speedbooster, they are a nice F/2.0. You be the judge. Plenty of 4K samples on these "Angie" Tokinas on everything up to Red 8K on YouTube. Detail links below. And a couple of video samples.

      Chris Young

      Some frame grabs off the Mk I

      Dikenberg-Blagdon-Beazley-Frame-1080 comp.jpg


        i might be wrong but those tonka lenses are a bit plastic.

        personallly a fd 35-70 or nikkor 35-70 (or contax or others) will better it for feel

        Of couse the 'cost' of a 35-70 is that you will buy a wide too.

        Samyang make a 16mm for s35 - or you need 20-24 for flull frame.


        Of course the main thing we see is the value of nice lighting View my feature Film


          Were there any Nikon AI or AIS zooms that weren't single-touch focus & zoom?

          Some of the D series zooms had separate focus & zooms rings, although I believe the sub-telephoto ones had short focus throw and the front element extending as you zoom.

          The Sigma 17-50 f/2.8 is another great photo lens that's not good for video, as it has a very short focus throw, and it's an extending zoom lens, which makes it prone to sucking in dust.

          Chris, I've read a lot of conflicting things about the Angenieux Tokinas. Some say the optical design has nothing to do with Angenieux, and that the optics are the same for the 28-70mm & the 28-80mm (not sure how that's possible with different focal lengths). The other negatives I've read is that it's not parfocal (but fairly close), soft till f/5.6, and has a short focus throw. There also seems to be a lot of variance between copies, which could partially be attributed to abuse and quality control, but a lot of people say to go for the 28-70MM 2.6-2.8 version, and I'm curious whether there's merit to the recommendation or if it's just hype.

          P.S. How does one test for centering?


            Originally posted by morgan_moore View Post
            i might be wrong but those tonka lenses are a bit plastic.
            If you are talking about the Tokina 28-70 physical lens... they would be the least plastic lens around. They are all metal construction and as heavy as all get out. All made from solid machined duralium. The Mk 1 weighs in 720 grams. Discontinued in 2004.

            Chris Young



              I might be wrong. ive had other tonkas in this 'line' and while they outshine the super plastic nikkor D and many modern AF lenses I still think the throw is short vs a true manual

              But Im judging from other lenses from tonka of that generation.

              Over the years Ive bought (and sold and lost) nearly every option for single lense shooting. the 28-85 nikkor manual was were I landed, but if you focus the 'right' way the FD would be better.

              I remember now - it was the 11-16 I had/have

              Im sure its a good option

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