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"Almost Spies" shot with GH5 and GH6

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    GH5 "Almost Spies" shot with GH5 and GH6

    I am working on a TV series called "Almost Spies." It consists of short (4-6 minute) episodes, and it is dramedy about a team of bumbling wannabe spies and the people who try to rein them in. We've shot 4 episodes, and 2 are now complete and ready for viewing. Episode 1 was shot entirely on a GH6, while episode 2 used both a GH5 and GH6. (The producer used his cellphone for some B-roll shots of a vehicle on the road.) I am the director, editor and cinematographer, so I've been a little busy! I will post episode 2 tomorrow, but here is the first episode, entitled "Snatch":

    IMO, you need some sort of a film LUT applied to the footage.


      I don't want this to come off as criticism because it's so difficult making things, but I do like asking questions to evaluate brains, thought-processes...and so...

      [and thank you]

      (1) When you're shooting the man in the suit, why didn't you just pan the camera to the left from that position and stay on the 180 side to film the woman? You crossed over and the camera is on the right side of the guy?

      (2) Why 30p?

      (3) Did you let a lot of the highlights go on purpose?

      (4) Why use those transitions and not hard cuts?


        Here is episode 2 of Almost Spies: