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Why Does Handbrake Make My GH Footage So Dark?

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    GH1 Why Does Handbrake Make My GH Footage So Dark?

    I have historical Plymouth, MA footage I filmed with my GH1 a few years back and have produced a film with it. I edited the film with Avid MC5 in 23.976 and export it as a quick time MOV file. But when I transcode in Handbrake I keep having two problems that I can't seem to resolve (please see below). Any input would be greatly appreciated!!!

    1) The audio is slightly out of sync. (I tried different frame rates 23.976, 24, 25 etc.) and it seems to sync the audio but now my footage slightly strobes when panning.

    2) The footage always comes out noticably darker after transcoding in Handbrake.

    Can you share a screenshot of your export settings?

    If not, make sure you aren't selecting any interlaced fields (I'm assuming the video is progressive), and experiment with various gammas for the darkness (if possible).


      In handbrake I made sure that no filter settings were selected. I shot in 1080p.
      You mentioned experimenting with the various gammas for darkness. I could not find any settings in Handbrake for this.


        Can you try another video and see if it's doing the same thing?

        If so, something is off and I would reinstall the software.

        Or try MPEG Streamclip. Or something else. Or another computer. Or open the finished file in another player like VLC just to check for any differences.


        Just troubleshooting...

        (I have processed hundreds of videos and they never get darker, but audio has certainly been an issue at times.)


          Handbrake has always done this to my video's. I even lighten every clip to accomodate but it keeps making the scenes the same darkness level.


            Oh, that is interesting...something is definitely not right.

            I know you said .mov, but Windows or Mac?

            I'm guessing Windows?


              Yes, Windows.


                Sounds like the usual possibility of compatibility issues with QT files...hopefully someone familiar with the OS and HandBrake can supply additional information/recommendations.


                  P.S. Some quick Google searches...



                  If not the range, one person said he/she had the same experience in a beta version of HB. (Using the latest version?)


                    I'm using the latest version.
                    I don't get why handbrake doesn't have a feature that lets you lighten or darken your video.