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    In a free/freer market, there'd be product made for the niche users, albeit with a higher markup than for the "typical" applications. The photo-video market, on the other hand, is rigidly controlled by the Japanese cartel, with the top brands wrestling with each other behind the scenes to claim the most lucrative portions. In this case, timing was crucial. MFT cameras seem to have missed several opportunities for a new cycle and now have to defer to the newest full frame models.

    PS. Technically speaking, a full frame camera can also offer an MFT or near MFT crop too but that would near destroy the stand-alone MFT market. And so they only offer an APS-C crop. The rest is out of their hands. If the end users move away from a particular format, then it's very unlikely that further research and development will be directed toward it. And it will wither on the vine. Like the cassette players, CRT TV's and VCR's.