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How interested are you in a GH6 anymore?

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    Originally posted by DLD View Post
    A7III --> A7c. (technically speaking, a 2020 update)
    No way, a7C is much better.


      Originally posted by Thomas Smet View Post
      I wouldn't read too much into those crude specs. They are a leak and only a small fraction of the specs of a camera. There is a lot more we don't know than what we know assuming this is even an accurate rumor.

      Remember the GH4 was more or less a similar sensor to the GH3 and yet opened up a whole new world with 4k video. Sometimes processing makes all the difference. Also features like focus peaking have nothing to do with the sensor itself so there could be a ton of software advancements on a mk2 camera. While Panasonic may get their sensor from Sony or somewhere else they do a lot of their own processing which is industry leading.

      A mk2 could potentially have:

      1. 4k 60p 10bit because we know the sensor can do it because it works for external recording. Its the processing that was limited.
      2. Color science which we know Has been improved on the GH5S and the S series cameras. Sensor might play into this but Panasonic could tweak how its mapped to better fit with their newer cameras.
      3. Some of the other annoying processing things like 10bit for ETC modes or better processing of slow motion material. Right now the GH5 has to use progressively worse processing modes for slow motion the more frames sho with. Maybe that processing can be greatly improved and use the same natural scaling for slow motion as it does for normal shooting modes. Shooting a nice clean 180fps that looks as good as 24p would be a rather significant upgrade over the GH5 for those that love slow motion.
      4. Since Panasonic makes their own encoder they could add in a 4:4:4 recording mode to try to compete in the market and provide a somewhat decent alternative to Braw. Being able to get 4:4:4 log internally would be a rather awesome selling point even if it is h264 or h265 based.
      5. Full V-log or at least fix V-log L. Sony and others have different levels of log to work with different ranges of DR. Panasonic can as well and it might breathe some new life into log. I realize full V-log may not be possible on a 12 stop sensor and thats why Panasonic should make a special V-log that works better with the GH sensors. The vast majority of GH users do not need to match luts with a Varicam.
      6. New scopes and tools to help expose shots for HLG and log like false color.
      7. Better noise reduction thanks to better processing. Might help push the same sensor another stop.
      8. raw to external. Not entirely sure if thats a good idea. Raw pretty much requires either full sensor or a crop for 4k video. How many GH5 users would want 5.2k raw video as an only option? plus that really could have been a firmware update much like it is on the S series cameras. That could potentially upset a lot of loyal GH users. Cropped 4k might be somewhat useful. Especially if using a focal reducer that could get back closer to a m43 crop factor.
      9. Dare I say it but for heavens sake somebody please add ProRes Raw and/or Braw internally to a camera. SD cards can be fast enough for some flavors of Braw. At the very least add support to record to a USBC drive like BMD does. Thats a much more attractive options vs forced to use an external recorder/monitor for raw. All these cameras adding external raw has been a bit of a head scratcher for me. I moved to a P4k and honestly its going to take a lot more than just adding external raw to bring me back. I can even record some levels of Braw to SD cards. No external solution can compete with the convenience of that.
      I'd be shocked if it didn't have 4k60p 10-bit 4:2:2 internal.

      I thought part of the reason the GH5 never got full v-log was because the sensor DR (or SNR, what have you) doesn't exceed v-log L anyway.

      I also wonder if there might be a color depth advantage to larger sensors.

      All your other speculation sounds great. I sort of doubt they'll do ProRes or ProRes raw internal. But as we all know, if any mirrorless company did it, it would be Panasonic.

      My guess is they give it a brand new sensor and beat that drum. Probably higher specs on the same contrast AF system, too.

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        At this point, is anyone still actually interested in a GH5 successor? I mean interested enough to buy one; to pick up MFT glass (and/or speed boosters)?

        For those of us still using MFT everyday, the GH5 II would have to be significantly better then whatever setups we're using now, and that's looking very doubtful at this point.

        And let's be totally honest about this - how many here are interested in a MFT hybrid/DSLR style camera at all? I'm guessing no one here uses a MFT for stills unless it's an emergency. We use these cameras as either cinema cameras, or for corporate/ENG-style work. My particular little setup is a Pocket 4K for controlled environments; Oly EM1 MII for run & gun.

        Is a GH5 II with more than 20 megapixels going to be better in low light than the 8mp Blackmagic? Doubtful. Look better/more filmic? Probably not. Will it have Braw or Prores? Unlikely.

        Is it going to have significantly better IBIS than the original GH5 or the EMII/III? Unless it's a straight up stedicam, no. Will it have better AF then the Oly MII/III or the Canon & Sony cameras? If it doesn't then it's immediately DOA.

        Now, all that doesn't mean it won't be a nice camera, something perhaps a small segment of shooters will be interested in (nature/adventure docs come to mind). It will no doubt have very nice slo-mo and better color science than the GH5 (although that is a low bar). It'll likely sync up nicely and live-stream too.

        But again, in an economy that looks to headed south very quickly, is this a camera that you'd give up your full frame setups for?

        Sony waited a long time to come out with the A7sIII, and fair to say that it's pretty amazing. But it's amazing because what it can do in the full frame format. Even if the GH5 II is exactly the same in stats (and it certainly won't be in low light or AF), it would still be the inferior camera in most people's eyes.

        When Panasonic made the decision to jump into full frame, it effectively ended any chance of a timely release for the GH5 II. I know that's not a hot take, but the reality of that decision is only now coming home to roost.
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          I said a half a year ago in this thread that I could see the writing on the wall. The tide had changed to full frame. Panasonic most likely didn't have the technical ability to improve the focus, low light ability and over all image quality with this sensor size. Even if they could improve these things the GH6 would need to be priced close to their own FF S5. I couldn't see them offering M43 to compete against their entry level FF. Not only that but they are trying to get people to buy into the L mount lenses. GH had a good run where it filled a niche, but now they're are caught in no man's land. Its photo form factor that isn't well suited for photography and there are many better options for either hybrid or straight video camera by Canon and Sony. I see them riding out the Gh5 for as long as sales will justify.


            Still on the GH bandwagon over here for sure, and I say that owning an S1H and EVA1. As well I genuinely believe Panny will be releasing a killer GH6 in the fall.

            If anything, my experience with the S1H, which has been GREAT, has shown me there is still a place for the GH line. My last trip to Indonesia, which I evac'ed from last year when everything was shutting down globally, was a little arduous with my FF lenses and S1H. When I head back when things eventually settle down, I would prefer to bring a GH6 and lens kit. It is just so much more travel friendly for a OMB run/gun docu setup. Especially with the 10-25 lens.

            The GH5 IQ pales compared to S1H these days, but if Panasonic can get a less digitized look to the GH6 footage, bring GH5S lowlight into an IBIS package, and hook us up with 4k60p 10-bit 420 or higher, slam dunk as far as I am concerned. I suspect we'll see 4k120p 10-bit 420 or 422, though, and hopefully they bring their AF game up to snuff. I also suspect they will get competitive and include things like False Color right in the UI, and a very high quality EVF and LCD.

            Rumor mill stated Panasonic was planning a September announcement to coincide with Lumix anniversary.


              MOV 59.94Hz:

              [C4K] 4096x2160: 59.94p, 200Mbps (4:2:0 10-bit LongGOP) (H.265/HEVC, LPCM, High-Res Audio)

              59.94p, 150Mbps (4:2:0 8-bit LongGOP) (H.264/MPEG-4 AVC, LPCM, High-Res Audio)

              29.97p, 400Mbps (4:2:2 10-bit ALL-Intra) / 150Mbps (4:2:2 10-bit LongGOP)/100Mbps (4:2:0 8-bit LongGOP) (H.264/MPEG-4 AVC, LPCM, High-Res Audio)

              23.98p, 400Mbps (4:2:2 10-bit ALL-Intra)/150Mbps (4:2:2 10-bit LongGOP)/100Mbps (4:2:0 8-bit LongGOP) (H.264/MPEG-4 AVC, LPCM, High-Res Audio)
              and no phase detect

              Focus Type : Contrast AF system



                The CEO had this to say:


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                  Surprised no RAW to Ninja V. The rest is hardly a big improvement and will not get me to change my GH5 or GH5S since I already have two Ninja V to get 10 bit 4:2:2 from them. Think I will wait for the BM Pocket 8K Pro when they put the 12K sensor in it.


                    Gosh, this thread and saga has gone on a long time. The specs listed are not the product I expected in 2021. With the other nice mirrorless cameras released in the past year, it is hard to imagine Panasonic thinking a 2018 spec camera is going to sell in 2021? On DPReview, a poster mentioned as above where a GH5 style body with a pocket 4k image would be the ticket. This got me thinking, is it possible for Panasonic to hook up with Blackmagic and offer internal BRAW? The marriage of Panasonic and Blackmagic cameras would be a nice match with both sides getting positives. Seems far fetched but it is the only way I can see wanting to buy this current camera IF it gets released with these muted specs. That does not mean the GH6 is cancelled, but gosh, how long do they expect the market to wait? As I said somewhere in this thread, once the A7IV drops at $2,200 or whatever, GH anything will look a little less shiny. But, the price on this GH5 II is already starting at a value level ($1700), so maybe it is just slow corporate behavior with existing parts that are lying around?


                      Livestream GH5! I see a compelling upgrade depending on what the livestream options are. It has a USB-C port so maybe you can connect to a phone? Hopefully a less laggy HDMI port. USB-C can now power the camera like the S series.
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                        The BGH1 , which is essentially a GH5S in a box, can output Pro Res RAW over HDMI to Ninja V and the S1H can output BRAW to the BM Video Assist. So Panasonic do have access to both technologies. Not sure if it is the extra circuitry for SDI etc on the BGH1 that carries the different outputs. I expect not and these differences are likely an extra circuit board to the GH5S. A RAW firmware update to either GH5 or GH5S would be more use to me and give life to the cameras. I never use continuous auto focus so not of concern to me. Any auto focus in the theatre with lights going up and down is a disaster so not used at all. RAW is much more useful to cover lighting changes in post. Lighting changes these days are not only brightness levels but changes in WB in the scene with LED lights.


                          Originally posted by soarprod View Post
                          Livestream GH5! I see a compelling upgrade depending on what the livestream options are. It has a USB-C port so maybe you can connect to a phone? Hopefully a less laggy HDMI port. USB-C can now power the camera like the S series.
                          Superspeed USB-3.1 Gen 1 Type C (!)

                          The problem is that the streaming business is very competitive. There's no protection from cartel.


                            Can we please keep in mind for a minute that these are rumors and nothing more. It also doesn't mean we are not getting a GH6 as well. We have absolutely no official word from Panasonic yet so its a bit premature to jump to conclusions.

                            Yes the specs are a bit disappointing but keep in mind the GH5 still works very well for many users. If one shoots 4k video its kind of hard to still beat the GH5. Sure FF sounds better on paper but really if one doesn't shoot in low light or if they use lights its not like the GH5 is lacking.

                            "If" these rumors are true think of it as a slightly better model for those that would have bought a GH5. Its likely not meant for those that already have a GH5 to upgrade but replacing an older model with a few updates that may not have been possible with a firmware update. Not every camera model that comes out at a later date is intended as an upgrade for everybody.

                            Does the GH5 now have a 4k 60p 10bit recording format? Looks like the new model has a 4:2:0 10bit mode similar to the Fuji cameras. May not be 4:2:2 but it is 10bit which is really what's most important for log and HLG. I don't know if that was added via firmware later to the GH5 but that seems to me an upgrade.

                            Again however I don't think this was meant as an upgrade for existing GH5 users but more of a improvement for those that would buy a new GH5 anyway. Only downside is that it will likely cost more vs the heavily discounted prices we usually find for the GH5 given its age or the used market. As a new camera buyer I'm not entirely sure I would spend more but hey whatever.

                            Personally I moved on already. I love the m43 format and still use it on the P4k camera. I think its a great sensor size for video. Its the stills side I now prefer APS-C and not FF. To me FF has the opposite problem of M43 and kind of sucks for telephoto. I like to shoot nature and a lot of nature photographers have actually been moving away from FF to m43 for stills. Me personally I struck a balance with 32 MP APSC with the Canon M6 mk2. I can crop to m43 for better than what my GH4 can do or use a Metabones to get close to FF for the same 32 MP stills. APSC is 32 MP vs having a FF body that crops for APS-c. FF to me just means always tossing away pixels to get a further reach or investing insane amounts of money in fast telephoto glass. I was very close to getting a G9 for stills but I really wanted the 32 MP sensor.


                              Rumors are true.

                              Noks*%ta from Japan posted them (who's a leak legend and is a main source for all of the rumor sites).


                                Originally posted by NorBro View Post
                                Rumors are true.

                                Noks*%ta from Japan posted them (who's a leak legend and is a main source for all of the rumor sites).
                                Well if they are its meant to replace a five year old camera for those that would be in the market for a GH5 anyway. Not sure any of us chatting here were really intended as the market. Out of all the m43 DSLRS the GH5 is still the flagship hybrid model for video and stills. This just makes it a tad better. I see the GH5 is on sale for $1,300 right now so I'm not entirely sure why on would want to pay $500 more for the same camera but hey whatever. Adding live video rtmp streaming and a 4:2:0 4k 60p 10bit mode doesn't really seem like an extra $500 value to me. Perhaps the rumor is wrong about the price or there is still some details we are missing. I guess the normal GH5 price is still $1,600 so maybe it will be more in line with the GH5 price.