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1 Man 3 Camera Shoots with GH5 & GH4 - Remote Monitoring and Control Solution

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    GH5 1 Man 3 Camera Shoots with GH5 & GH4 - Remote Monitoring and Control Solution

    I need a multi camera monitor and control solutionÖ

    Iíve been trying to figure this out for years. Hoping someone here has a genius idea.

    I shoot exercise videos with 1 GH5 as cam a and 2 GH4s as cam b and c. Itís just me. I set them up manually as far as the initial focus and exposure and framing goes. But after that - I pretty much just press record and stop until we change setups. Obviously it sucks to have to do this manually walking to each camera each time.

    I have of course tried to use the Panasonic Image App. Sometimes it works flawlessly. But the majority of the time - cameras randomly and constantly disconnect and way too much time trying to get things connected. It gets extremely frustrating and I usually just give up and run around turning cameras on and off all day.

    So Iím wondering if there is a connected way to do this that might be better. I saw that thereís a way to tether- but I think thatís only one camera to one laptop. Is there a way to tether three cameras to the same laptop?

    Iíve also considered sending all the cameras through my ATEM via HDMI to monitor and then using some cheap connected remote to record and stop. But thatís a ton more cables that Iíd like to have to deal with.

    I guess I could also send each to an Atomos Ninja or something like that (Iíve never used these) - but I think purchasing three of those is beyond my budget.

    Does anyone have any great ideas that I havenít thought of?

    Appreciate it - thank youÖ.

    I think you covered it all.

    A working app sounds like the best solution.

    But if you're willing to run cables and convertors, a Sumo might be worth looking into (but probably not doable since HDMI to SDI may be more trouble/frustration unless maybe you have a YAGH or two already). You'd be able to view 3-4 cameras on one screen and start/stop recording.

    Maybe add some LANC remotes for push-AF if necessary.


      Wireless camera triggers - been using these for years - rarely misfire unless of my error:

      And as we do live switching, I am looking at one of these (not wireless, so lots of HDMI cables, also loops out):

      I currently use four Atomos recorders (one from each camera placed at the switcher for preview - also allows me to see that the cameras are recording) as the monitors used while switching.

      My experience with the image app is limited but not good either - hence the non-software approach.


        I think cables are the only way to make this happen with confidence.


          Wait- I had no idea this existed until right now. I already have all of the hdmi/sdi converters for livestream jobs I do with the Atem Pro.

          The cheaper Shogun 7 does the same thing as the Sumo - is that right?

          So with this setup - I'd just forget about putting sd cards in the cameras altogether - and record everything right on the Atomos? And it records each camera in full 4k?

          Oh man - thank you. I think this could be the solution.... If so - I will never open that Panasonic Image app again in my life!


            If you're asking about the Sumo, yes...4 feeds straight into the device, but good point about the resolution...I believe HD only.

            (And Shogun 7 does the same thing.)


              Just found this too: - out of my budget but...


                Assuming you only need 1080p, the Cerevo LiveWedge HDMI Switcher is the best affordable solution I've seen for multi-cam + audio live monitoring:


                If you have outboard gear mounted in a 19" rack, you can easily slip the flat LiveWedge unit inside a 1U slot. The rack is also a good place to mount a local wifi router, which the LiveWedge plugs into via ethernet. In practice, there's no need to access its built-in physical interface - just use an Android or iPad tablet as a wireless monitor and controller. In addition to quad monitoring, the LiveWedge can also switch, fade, or PIP its video inputs, and overdub live stereo audio inputs as well. It will also up-convert 720p inputs to 1080p, eliminating the need to match video input formats.
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                  Wireless camera triggers

                  'Pockets Wizards' were the original but many as linked above. We did a test with two nikon z6s last week and got very close to frame perfect start stop - like synch for 3d good.
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