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panasonic just did a firmware update for GH2 ttiled-" battyer compatibility"

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    GH2 panasonic just did a firmware update for GH2 ttiled-" battyer compatibility"

    Ver. 1.2

    Improve the compatibility of Panasonic battery.

    Some of the comments for that update (most likely not true) think it's an update to stop the hacking via "improving the battery compatibility"...8 years later, lol.


      Hmmm, I'd love to chuck a third party battery in my cameras, but would not want to lose the ability to run the hacks. Have to run it past a few other people before I'll try it. I do have to wonder why they bothered releasing a firmware for such an old model, that can't seriously care about this camera anymore can they? So many people moved on to newer models, I would but don't really need to spend the money and I'm still waiting for Fuji to build things the right way. But I did shoot on both of my GH2's yesterday, and they still produce decent 1080 which is about all I need right now. Only took almost 2 hours to upload to youtube, can't imagine what a 4k video would have taken.


        Originally posted by Greg_E View Post
        ...can't imagine what a 4k video would have taken.
        Really depends on what you're shooting/uploading.

        Most 4K content that's uploaded (at least on YouTube) is 4-5-6 minutes long, which usually takes a few minutes for a few GBs with decent internet. (It's all about the compression.)

        If you're shooting lectures or long-form video, most people who shoot in 4K will master in HD, using the timeline for punching-in (as we know) in addition to any "upgrade" to the color space (if you believe in that).


          My upload sucks, shame on you Spectrum!

          Haven't looked into the safety of this firmware yet, been busy at work building new computers for our radio station.


            Spectrum actually just got banned from New York for poor performance!


              Yes, I know. They apparently didn't live up to promises that made the merger possible and now have 60 days to vacate. But yet they are required to maintain service... How does one vacate and maintain service at the same time?

              Anyway, I did sneak in a post over at personal view to see if anyone had info on this new firmware and if it was safe to flash and compatible with the hacks. I'll relay when/if I get anything.


                Charter/Spectrum has to find someone new to carry on and maintain the service. I read that some customers are afraid they'll have to use DSL or FIOS (or someone else if possible) if there is a service interruption, but there probably won't be, hopefully.


                  Vitaly suggested that no one will try this new firmware, have to wait and see I guess.