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Just launched: New youtube channel "Life Amped" shot on gh camera!

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    GH1 Just launched: New youtube channel "Life Amped" shot on gh camera!

    I just launched my new YouTube channel "Life Amped" and shot all of my footage with a GH1 (I know - I wish I had a GH5) But I think it still did the trick.

    Please check it out. Here's the link: Hack to keep your home safe.jpg
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    Not a bad video, nothing wrong with a GH1.


      Thank you. I wonder what it would look like in 4K. I have not used the GH5 but would love to own one.


        Dude that was great. Content is king and honestly if you didn't tell us what camera was used I don't think most people would even think about it. Once I started watching it I just enjoyed it from the start and didn't care what it was shot with.

        There is a ton of obsession over cameras and getting that extra little sliver of quality. Sure 4k may look cleaner with certain types of details but full HD from the GH1 was already pretty amazing. I used to shoot on large shoulder mounted ENG cameras, A Canon XL1and AVC-HD video cameras before I made the move to DSLR cameras. The GH1 was my first DSLR type camera and I chose it over the other options due to how clean and detailed it looked. It wasn't perfect but back then none of them were.

        Be proud of what you created here. Its great looking and the subject is amazing. The way you presented it is well done and engages the user. Thats what video is really all about. engaging the user. 8k crap is still crap but HD from a GH1 that engages a user, keeps their attention and gives a purpose to them spending time watching your videos is worth gold.


          Thank you so much for your kind words. I really appreciate it. I'm always surprised at the lack of feedback that producers get. So it's great to hear from a fellow filmmaker that I'm headed in the right direction.


            I actually watched it till the end! Good job! And as Thomas said, "content is king" !
            Ted Ramasola
            Allen, TX, U.S.A



              That's awesome to hear.

              I have 30 years in as a crime prevention specialist and want to share what I know (and make it enjoyable in the process)

              Thank you so much for your input. It is very encouraging! HAPPY 4TH!!!!!!!!


                The only nice thing about 4k is it looks much cleaner on youtube. Otherwise I honestly could care less if something is HD or 4k. The added benefits of better color and more dynamic range in the GH5 are nice but if you shoot in controlled environments it doesn't really matter.


                  Just launched another video you may find very eye opening! (Shot on GH Camera)

                  Here's the link:

                  Ladder Trick.jpg


                    Hi everyone. I've been instructed to move this posting to the "User Films" category. If you want to see more of these videos please check it out. I highly value the professional critiques I get from my fellow DVX members. Thanks so much!

                    Allan C.


                      Great job all the way! Just realized I better lock my 2nd story windows


                        Lol. Thank you.

                        I just put a link in for the newest video in the "User Films" section.