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GH2 Adaptor for Video Mic Pro ??

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    GH2 GH2 Adaptor for Video Mic Pro ??

    Hi Guys,

    Hope someone can give me a heads up, i just got a Rode VideoMic pro, not realising i couldnt plug it straight in. So i ordered a 3.5m to 2.5m adaptor, i have tried it but it plugs in but the camera doesnt recognize it at all (Makes no difference, so im presuming its not reconginzed). Does it need a special type of adaptor or do i have a fault mic socket ?

    Any info would be helpful thanks

    What you described should work. I used my old GH2 cameras for several years with Sennheiser UHF lav mics by using a 3.5mm to 2.5mm adapter, with no problems at all.

    This is the adapter I used