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Noob GH2 question about ptools and hacking

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    GH2 Noob GH2 question about ptools and hacking

    Can i use the latest/newest PTOOLS with the oldest Dritwood hacks?
    Actually, can i use the latest Ptools with all the existing hacks, OR some older hacks need older ptools versions?
    Can i kill my GH2 with an old hack and a new ptools version?

    //I've posted this in a wrong topic before and i couldn't remove there :S/

    I've used the GH2 and hacks for years, and I don't think there is anything that will keep you from using the newest Ptool with the older settings. New features were added to Ptool, but I don't think anything was removed (and if it was, I'm sure there was an entry left in for compatibility with older hacks). I have honestly never heard of anyone bricking their camera from the hack, (I'm sure there may be someone somewhere) except for removing power during a firmware update (which will brick your camera during any firmware update).


      Thank you Blazer! It's very calming!!
      Then i apply a very old driftwood hack to my GH2 with the recent Ptools release.