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GH2 will not power up?

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    GH2 GH2 will not power up?

    Anyone had a problem with their GH2 where it would not power up? Worked fine last week, stored it for a week without the battery in it, now no power. If you have had this problem, do you remember what the fix was?

    What I think happened is that the internal memory battery went too low (about 2.7 volts) and now it won't allow the camera to power up. I've had other cameras do this and come back to life when I changed the battery, so I'm hoping this is the problem, and that I can find the battery for sale (or one that will fit).

    Anyway, thought I would ask before I got much farther.

    If a new battery doesn't work, try an ac adapter like this--
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      I found some info to back up my diagnosis:

      Same thing happened to these other cameras. Now I just need to find a Panasonic ML421 battery which is some kind of tiny little coin cell with solder leads welded to it and it keeps something alive.