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GH2 Anamorphic squeeze mjpeg settings and viewfinder?

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    GH2 GH2 Anamorphic squeeze mjpeg settings and viewfinder?

    I've just set one of my hacks to a 2k anamorphic internal squeeze mode and have a question... When recording does the viewfinder show the squeezed image, or the regular 16x9 image? Resolution is set to 2048x872 (1.33x of a 16x9 frame, needs to be cropped by 14 lines to meet DCI spec.). The jpeg first frame is showing the correct aspect and pixel dimensions, but I thought the live view was also squeezed. Is my memory wrong?

    Also when the mjpeg frame rate is changed to 24fps, is it really 24fps or some kind of strange interpolated 30fps? The clips show as 24fps in Cliptoolz V2 but they play a little "off", but the playing condition might be my computer not handling the clip properly as it is a low end office computer (that I tried). I know there was talk about mjpeg being stuck in 30fps and the 24fps seen was a strange kind of interpolation, but I never found a concrete answer on this, especially after the final official firmware update arrived and opened up a few more options to the hacks.

    [edit] My math might be wrong, might need to set the resolution to 2048x887 and crop down to 858 for the proper ratio. Have to shoot some circles with the adapter mounted and see how they look.
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