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CLOSE CALL Commercial Contest Winner - shot on GH4

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    GH4 CLOSE CALL Commercial Contest Winner - shot on GH4

    This was the first project I shot with the GH4 back in May. I couldn't post anything until the film festival screened it. We won the contest and it screened before all the films shown at the fest.
    No budget. I used what was available to me. Outfits and props were from other films/projects I've done.
    Shot in 4K. Minolta 28mm f2.8 & 50mm F1.7 lenses. Edited in FCP7 on 1080 Timeline ProRes 444. All audio was captured separate on a Tascam DR 60D.
    I used what lighting I had available. Fluorescent Light banks (2 bulbs per bank) on each side of the actors. 2 tin lights from home depot were clamped to wall behind the actors with 'soft white' 71w bulbs hitting back/side of their heads. Killer character had two clamp lights on either side of him with 71w. bulbs.
    Was a fun shoot!

    Some pics of the set up that I just found on my phone.
    Close Call Behind The Scenes Room Wide.jpgClose Call Behind The Scenes Room.jpg


      That was great - very cinematic.


        Yeah man! Great look to it all.
        And I love your creative use of cheap objects for the backgrounds. Creativity usually wins in the end.

        Is that just like 1mil plastic sheeting you put the fluorescents behind for diffusion? Or did you use a silk-type diffusion fabric?
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          Hi DPStewart! It was just painters drop plastic. I figured it was a prop and diffusion all in one haha.