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    GH3 Demo Reel 2013

    Threw together a demo reel of my favourite shots from this past years projects. Shot on GH3 and hacked GH1 (LPowell max latitude).

    creative criticism more then welcome!

    Originally posted by pyproductions View Post
    creative criticism more then welcome!
    Use proper spelling and grammar when submitting for review ;-)

    I love the variety of shots in the reel, and the moving shots look really good. Great use of color and texture, all the shots have a lot of personality to them. I think it's a little too long, I'd try trim it down to 1:30 or less, and really keep the outstanding shots and cut the rest. The only shot that really stuck out to me as out of place was the back of the bride shot at 2:15. It seems dull and home-video like. There are some other shots as well that I could be cut, but the reel as a whole is very strong. Nice work.


      Nice reel man. There are a good number of shots in there that are killer and some that leave something to be desired. I think you could lose a good minute on this reel as there is a lot of repetitive style of shot used. Keep only the best of the best. The shots that have excessive warp stabilizer on it need to go, especially right near the opening of your reel.

      A good test is to sit with someone while watching it. Every time a shot comes up that leaves you feeling slightly vulnerable or in need of explaining something, or even leaving you feeling like" I wonder if this shot bothers them the way I think it may be bothering them...." just toss the shot away.

      Keep only your strongest shots dude, cause your reel would be much tighter and more interesting to watch as a viewer and potential employer.


        Thank for the feedback guys, unfortunately I had my HD on my iMac go down after i had put this one up (it was intended to be a preliminary cut). I have had a few more gigs since that have shots I want to insert so I will keep length in mind when doing so.


          I think it's fantastic. I'd love to know what lenses you used and a rough guide to camera settings you like etc .... Also, do you use a slider to get the movement ...?


            @Richtiger. I am running natural, everything dialed down to between -3 and -5. For lenses it is primarily Lumix 14-140mm, 14mm pancake, Opteka 8mm fisheye, Nikkor 28mm f2.8, 50mm f2.0, 105mm, f2.8. There is a few slider shots, Konovo 19" K2, but mostly the movement is with a Flashpoint zero grav stabilizer(which is actually superb for the price). Coloured and edited in FCPX (had not subscribed to adobe CC yet)