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Hip Hop Music video - Shot on 5D

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    Hip Hop Music video - Shot on 5D

    This was my second outing with the 5D. This time it takes place half indoors and half outside around Brooklyn and Queens. The song is off the artist's mixtape, but the video turned out pretty good so I wanted to share it with you.

    First thing, it's way to short. Even if the song was this short you could have added some promotional content in the beginning and end at least to promote the Artists Mixtape or chosen another song and made two short ones together.

    I like the overall vision of the project, especially the huge wide shots. What I don't like is how the Mic was introduced. The concept was good, but to me was executed poorly. Instead of having the kid be surprised like a girl when she gets a wedding ring, you should have used a more subtle expression like a blank stare on his face.

    When the Artists says bring it back, I like how you did that and then it showed the artists which led the audience to believe that the kid was a younger version of him. Once again great concept, but I feel good have been executed better. We are talking of at least a 10 year difference from the kid to telling the story of the artist in present time.

    Maybe even color grading the kid parts different or adding a slight effect to show it was older than present time IMO would have made the message better.

    Overall I think the project was pretty good, minus what I thought should have been better.

    What I do like is the Wide angles.... Do some more of this
    Creating a Concept to a song, so much better than just having someone rapping doing nothing, so really great on bringing story elements into a song.

    The only way to get better is to continue working


      Thank you, vision_filmz, for your comments. I appreciate your in-depth critique and support of my vision. It seems a majority of the issues you present are personal preference, such as the way the mic was introduced, and length of the piece. The client wanted a music video for his two minute song, and not so much a separate promotional campaign for the rest of the mixtape. Color correct wise, I didn’t want to make it gimmicky. You will notice that the color becomes much warmer when the kid and his mentor are together, as compared to the rest of the piece. Subtle, yet effective.
      Thanks again!