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Measuring rolling shutter: put a number on this issue!

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    Originally posted by CaptainHook View Post
    I edited the above to add the 2.4:1 options

    Do you have a definitive answer to the question above about 4K/8K? ;-)

    Are both obtained with binning?


      Originally posted by CaptainHook View Post
      Blackmagic URSA Mini Pro 12K

      Full 12K : ~15.5ms
      12K 2.4:1 : ~12.3ms
      8K/4K (full field of view) : ~8.5ms*
      6K crop : ~7.8ms
      8K 2.4:1 (full width) : ~6.7ms*
      4K crop : ~4.25ms*

      *We hope to improve this slightly in an update
      WOW that's really impressive performance, it's an amazing feat that a 12k sensor can be read so fast

      (thanks again for the figures, I added them to the table, including the 2.4 numbers)


        With the 7.0 update that has just gone live on the Blackmagic site, the read out speeds on the 12K are now:

        12k 17:9 -> 15.55ms
        12k 2.4:1 -> 12.27ms
        8k 17:9 (full FOV) -> 7.78ms
        4k 17:9 (full FOV) -> 7.78ms
        6k Super16 -> 7.78ms
        8k 2.4:1 (full width) -> 6.13ms
        4k 2.4:1 (full width) -> 6.13ms
        4k Super16 -> 3.89ms
        Blackmagic Design

        **Any post by me prior to Aug 2014 was before i started working for Blackmagic**


          updated, thanks!


            Hey Sam!

            Anyone has the Canon R5 measurements in Full Frame and in the Crop Mode (oversampled from 5.1K)?

            Cined measured 15.5ms in full frame so it should be less than 10ms for the crop mode, right?

            But I'd love to also hear from someone who has it or has read a test somewhere...


              I don't have a test for that one, and I haven't looked for it either: it's not a camera I would consider using. The new cined methodology looks good, I'm not sure the numbers can be compared with mine but I'd take that measuremena as a strong sign that it has reasonably good RS.


                The rolling shutter tests from Slashcam for the R5 report essentially the same numbers as CineD:

                8K or 4K HQ (up to 30 fps): 16 ms
                4K regular (up to 60 fps): 10 ms
                4K 120 fps: 8 ms
                HD (up to 60 fps): 10 ms

                They didn't test the APS-C crop mode, but given that this mode is always oversampled from a 5.1K full pixel readout, the rolling shutter times should be proportional to those for the 8K readout modes, which would put them under 10 ms.