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Canon 5D question

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    Canon 5D question

    I use to have the Canon 5D mkii which was a great little camera. Did they ever make one that was in the 4k res?

    As far as DSLRs, yes; the 1DX Mark II and then the 5D Mark IV and then the 1DX Mark III.

    Typical Canon didn't put C-Log into the 1DX Mark II, cropped the 5D Mark IV with a brutal ~1.8x crop, and priced the 1DX Mark III at $6500 (overpriced...and also shut off DPAF in 4K/60p RAW).


    Then they have the RF mirrorless':

    EOS R (same crop as 5D Mark IV)
    EOS RP (same crop as 5D Mark IV and disabled DPAF in 4K)
    EOS R5
    EOS R6

    If you can live with any overheating in the last two, they are by far the best value (with the most features) and considered the modern approach cameras we finally received because of the rough shape of the industry.