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Sending top and tailed cips

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    Sending top and tailed cips

    So any thoughts on sending 1080 or 720 footage from my R6 and or C200 ?

    Like im next to a bunch of people filming on thier phones.. they click send/tweet/share WTF do I do?

    My base setting will be 4k.

    Im thinking some form of smal tablet which is on my phones wifi hotspot. View my feature Film

    SO the APP doesnt work with 10bit? ?? C U N T S View my feature Film


      Record compressed proxies, transfer to laptop via sd card, upload from there using wifi hotspot? shouldn't take too long, although it creates downtime on the shoot. I feel like the key thing is to record small file sizes in camera so you dont have to transcode and can upload quickly

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        Proxies is with the C200 - not the R6 I think?

        The C200 is heavier but the connectivity and proxies do lift it View my feature Film


          I have an adaptor with usb and SD slots I can plug into my phone - would this work for you.


            I think this is 50% of the job as I would like/feel the need to transcode from 4k to 1080 and ideally add a LUT (although its not toally required)

            view camera and make a choice
            choose clip abc123 from 020s to 42s
            toptail transcode and add LUT
            send on 4g
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              So I got and ipad and Nplayer which can see the shots on an SD card.

              Now I need to work out how to transcode them doewn to 1080

              Npayer appears to have a contrast feature.

              Any ther apps??
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