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Canon 5D Magic Lantern 2.35:1

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  • QuickHitRecord
    Probably better to ask on the ML forum but I can share my experience with the 5Diii:

    1) You can choose whichever non-6:9 aspect ratio you wish and there are no black bars in the file that is output.
    2) The liveview presents the footage as it is being shot. With 16:9 aspect, there are black bars so with 2.35:1, they would be even thicker.

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  • Isabella B.
    started a topic Canon 5D Magic Lantern 2.35:1

    Canon 5D Magic Lantern 2.35:1


    I need to know,

    A) While selecting 2.35:1 mode in ML while shooting, the sensor will only record the 2.35:1 area? or the 16:9 sensor still records 16:9 but adds up top bottom black bars? i.e that output clip will be of 16:9 ratio but with black bars or the output clip will be of 2.35:1 ratio with no black bars?

    B) When we select 2.35:1 recording mode, does the liveview automatically shows the black bars in preview or we still have to go into Livview setting and set the cropmark to 2.35?