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Looking for Canon 1Dx mkIII raw video files

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    I agree but I don't get a vote ...

    Prior to Covid-19 we had four around the table but here they try to keep a bit of distance ... if the four or three were there
    no picture ... and the title of the podcast is Around the Table with ....

    Would be great to do it in 2.35:1. I am constrained in that it is a small office and I am less than 10 feet from them ... no
    room in the background for more separation.

    When I started the background was an ochre clay color ... at least they agreed to something a bit more neutral.

    Oh well ...
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      Actually I see that there are dozens of videos shot like that already, so it's best left alone for viewer continuity and comfort.


      And I just read your post above...definitely makes sense.


        Originally posted by NorBro View Post
        So if ProRes RAW (and remember this is Apple developing it and not someone else who may run out of money trying) can turn it into a format that allows us to recover more information from these newer higher resolution cameras, I think that is really exciting even if we have to do it externally.
        Heating up...GFX100 is next. I can see the X-T4 getting it at some point too.


          Originally posted by NorBro View Post
          Heating up...GFX100 is next. I can see the X-T4 getting it at some point too.

          Cool! Honestly, if I could record 12-bit ProRes raw out from the A7SIII I would be content with only having 10-bit H264 internal. But Sony is not Fuji so we'll see

          I'm still not sure ProRes raw is the best RAW implementation, although it sounds like it's speedy to work with

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            REDCODE is the best (IMO).


              Originally posted by NorBro View Post
              REDCODE is the best (IMO).
              Part of the reason Komodo is so tempting

              "In this world, Elwood, you must be oh so smart or oh so pleasant. Well, for years I was smart. I recommend pleasant." -Harvey


                A bit off topic but thought I would share a bit of footage from the 1DX III h.265 4K All-I while we all wait for the R5/6
                announcements later this week. From what I can see from the 4K out of the recent Canon ... RAW and H.265 ... I think
                most will be pleased with the new cameras ... rolling-shutter and data rate issues aside.


                Apologies for the sound track ... had something better but had to take it down ...


                  Thanks for sharing. Very nice looking footage.


                    Beautiful. Those colors look great to me. The variation in greens feels like what I'm used to from seeing them in real life or from BM or Canon RAW. I hate seeing a foliage scene were the green hues all trend in the same direction. Very promising

                    "In this world, Elwood, you must be oh so smart or oh so pleasant. Well, for years I was smart. I recommend pleasant." -Harvey


                      Originally posted by docmoore View Post
                      I recently moved from my A9II to the Canon 1DX III ... loving the weight and slam of the shutter ... just like the old days.

                      But I need a bit of advice ... have been on phone with Canon support twice ... nice folks but a bit flummoxed with my concerns.

                      My NLE of choice has been Resolve Studio for years ... love the color tools and the ease of grading ... however ... 16.2.3 ... and it looks
                      like 16.2.2 have been a bit of a step backward ... particularly with the .CRM files from this camera. I can import edit grade and view
                      without difficulty but when I attempt to render the files Resolve cannot finish without an error of Media Offline ... even though it can see and
                      edit said Media.

                      In frustration ... I paid homage to the golden calf ... bought FCPX ... thinking that would allow me to transcode the files to ProRes and finish in Resolve.
                      Difficulty is that when I load the Canon Raw Plugin for Cinema Raw Light v1.4 and 1.3 ... FCPX 10.4.8 does not recognize the plugin as it cannot import
                      the .CRM files ... which Resolve can edit but not render.

                      I have tried this on Mojave and Catalina ... two different computers ... neither can import the files ... I have tried two different CFExpress readers ... two different
                      CFExpress cards ... and ultimately tried downloading a .CRM from CookingHusband ... nothing is recognized in FCPX. The plugin for Canon Raw Plugin 1.4 is found in the folder that it is supposed to populate ...

                      I filmed and rendered a session from the HDMI output of the camera to ProRes on an external recorder in Resolve Studio without issue ... it is just the
                      Canon Raw Light that is problematic ... and of course no one at Canon has a clue ... but all three of those I talked to have little Mac OS experience.



                      Just an update ...

                      ... Canon CPS has had my 1DX III for 7 weeks ... it has corrupted the RAW 5.5
                      capture from day of purchase ... which was in June. After multiple calls without any resolution I
                      rented a 1DX III to see if it might be my cards(3 512Gb) readers (2 Sandisk and Angelbird) or
                      computers (2 MacPro 5.1 12 core with Radeon VII 96 GB Ram 50 TB total disk space and a MacBook Air)
                      The rental camera delivered perfect RAW files at any frame rate ... so today ... I called Canon Factory Service Center in VA as I was driving back from Mexico ... had a lot of time to use when I was within cellular range.

                      They found no problems although they have neither DR nor FCP, both fail about 40 - 60% of the time
                      with the RAW files from my camera ... usually a couple of corrupt frames in a 5 minute clip when I try to render the files. They also are "working from home" ...

                      All 4K internal and 4K HDMI is good from the camera.

                      So after 6 months of haggling ... the camera is being returned to me without any repair.

                      My next call was to my dealer who was informed of the problem in June. Day it hits my doorstep it
                      is being returned to him ... SO ... need to find a replacement. And factor in the $3K loss when I dump the
                      camera ... Thanks Canon.

                      Less than funny thing is I sold my P6K for the camera as I wanted better weather sealing, AF, FF, and
                      get this better support and build.

                      Just filmed a whole advent season of services on a Sony RX0II as the camera was confined at Canon.

                      Now whether a BM 12K ... Varicam LT ... or FX-9 ... all need an EF mount as I have 3 Sigma FF Cine Primes in EF that I purchased for the 1DX III.

                      Bottom line ... three P6Ks sequentially would have served me better than the Canon.


                        I remember you having issues with its RAW almost immediately after getting the camera...unfortunate outcome.


                          It seems to be indicative of their corporate ethic ...

                          However a plethora of candidates for the coming year ... first world problems to be sure.