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Manfrotto Sympla Control

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    Manfrotto Sympla Control

    Hello Listers,

    I have a Sympla control for Canon DSLR model MVR911EJCN.

    I am well aware that this product has a somewhat sketchy performance history and I think it is now discontinued. I bought this one new from one of the major retailers on closeout for a hundred bucks thinking it might have some utility. I never used it on my Mk3. My newer cams have a different USB plug. The Sympla has a USB Mini-B and my newer Canons have USB-C. To date, I haven't seen an adapter to get from here to there. I recollect an older thread here which discussed adapting, but haven't located that. My recollection was that it was viable with the proper adapter.

    Any info about this would be appreciated and or if you are aware of any cables that go from USB-C male to USB Mini-B male, could you give a link or other info. I suppose Marketek or Remote Audio could build one, or I could test my soldering skills, but I don't want to through much more money or effort on this until I figure out if I like it (or not)


    I did find the right adapter and it worked great with my 5D mark IV...... let me see if I can find where I got the adapter when I'm back home.


      Fantastik! FWIW, I've sailed the Gulf Isle many many times and gone further upcoast. I lived aboard for some time at Roche Harbor as well. But a long time ago!