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EF-S professional Mod - EF replacement bayonet mount

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    EF-S professional Mod - EF replacement bayonet mount

    Hey folks,
    just purchased a Canon EF-S 17-55mm 2.8 and got really bummed when I found out that it does not fit my BMPCC Speedbooster.
    I came across some videos that had a simple solution for this problem by just taking out the plastic part of the bayo mount.

    Since the lens is then exposed to all its electronics I'm a bit concerned, if this a permanent solution.

    Instead of doing the modification to the bayo mount yourself (by sawing it off - just like here, is there a professional solution?
    Maybe a company that offers those modded plastic parts for the EF-S bayo, so that it can easily fit regualr EF mounts?

    If you don't find any companies offering that particular service, maybe reach out to this guy and see what he says: