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Handheld 4K Filming on 5DMKIV - Tamron 15-30 F2.8 VR vs Canon 16-35 F2.8 III ?

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    Handheld 4K Filming on 5DMKIV - Tamron 15-30 F2.8 VR vs Canon 16-35 F2.8 III ?


    I'm looking for a lens to compensate for the 4K crop in video mode on my Canon 5D Mark IV.

    I would have loved for the Canon 16-35 F2.8 III to have Image Stabilization, but alas it does not.

    Have any of you used the Tamron 15-30 F2.8 with the Vibration Reduction for filming?

    I recently tried filming handheld on a lens with no image stabilization, and even though I was very still, filming a person speaking, I was not a fan of the "micro-jitters".

    Would something like a shoulder mount substantially reduce the amount of micro-jitters that could occur if filming on Canon's 16-35 F2.8 III?

    Shoulder mounts could help, but I think you'll definitely find the best results with a wider lens with IS.

    There aren't many choices below 20mm (at least of a decent speed), but the 15-30 would be a good one if the IS worked well.


      Is there a reason you can't use a video monopod or tripod?


        The use would be filming in a confined space under time constraints, where a tripod may not fit and could be too bulky to move quickly -- good point about the monopod though.

        I've had good results just hand-holding my Canon 5D Mark IV with the 24-105 F4 IS II lens - but I need to deliver in 4K for this assignment so it's cheaper for me to rent a lens than another 4K camera.


          16-35 F4 will be better, DPAF seem do not work very well with the Tamron. I am using the 24-70 VC.


            Why not use a one-hand-capable gimbal (e.g. Crane 2) with the Canon 16-35? That will give you the smoothest results vs. any lens/camera/shoulder stabilizer.