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1Dx II 25fps 1080p output !?!?

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    1Dx II 25fps 1080p output !?!?

    Hi folks, anyone share this camera issue trying to send 25fps through HDMI to external recorder?

    Canon 1dxii settings; HDMI "auto", FHD All-i, 25fps, 1080

    Pix e5H I/O settings "same video input" and it records 1080p50 prores movies.

    I tried to avoid so big MJpeg files and transcode to ProRes later, so I got a Pix but, Canon camera arenīt outputting 25fps

    My settings internal recorder to 25p and the camera outputs 50p when I do that, it seems camera lack 25fps output signal.

    many thks to help me!!

    There is an HDMI frame rate adjustment in the menu. I haven't checked it when in PAL mode but on the 1DC it's 23.98 or 59.94 when in NTSC mode.


      Hi Matt,
      I did put FHD_all-i_25fps (assume itīs same 23,98).
      Camera records internally @25fps BUT output 50fps. It seems lack output signal from camera.



        It appears that in PAL land, 25p is not an option, but I cannot confirm that.

        The manual says: "For HDMI output, you can set the frame rate to [Auto], [59.94i/50.00i], [59.94p/50.00p], or [23.98p]."

        So what you see right now - Auto, 50i and 50p - makes sense.

        Try changing the camera to NTSC and see if you can output 23.98p.

        Canon and HDMI specs have always been quirky. I don't know why they wouldn't allow 25p external recording, but it appears so.
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          Hi NorBro my best was test F3 HDMI output 1920 25p, Pix I/O same as video input and I got SAME 1080i50 !!!!

          So, issue is HDMI in Pix ok?

          I changed I/O Pix as follow

          INPUT PsF detect>Interpret PsF as P
          Input to File conversion>PsF to P

          and I got a 1080PsF25 (i>PsF PsF>P)


            SOLVED issue is PAL land 25p.
            Canon outputting 23,98 p and Pix received 1080p23,98
            so, bye bye 25p on-the-fly with Pix through HDMI.
            Keep in PAL land, force to record 1080i50 or 1080p50 and then, Project setting NLE frame rate 25
            many thanks folks !!


              Your recorder is able to capture 25p, but the question is if the camera is able to output it. Keep in mind that shooting 50i or 50p and dropping it into a 25p timeline is not the same as shooting 25p.