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Best 4K action cam to match 1DX II footage?

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    Best 4K action cam to match 1DX II footage?

    Hello, all.

    I'm going to be shooting a narrative film with a 1DX Mark II in 4K, but a couple of scenes require an action camera on a stabilizer for some shots. Which camera should I use that delivers the best quality 4K 24p footage so I can match it to the 1DX II? I want to be able to color grade it so it looks as close to the 1DX II footage as I can. I don't want the fish-eye curved look, it needs to be rectilinear. No need for shallow depth of field.

    GoPro Hero 5? DJI Osmo? Anything else I'm not thinking of?

    Thanks in advance!
    Jaime VallÚs
    AJV Media
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    I'd expect you'd have to color correct any action cam footage to some degree. I have the Hero 5 but have not even shot anything with it yet. I also have the Hero 3 and 4 black editions. The 3/4 seem to be a little bit high contrast and saturation to my eye. What I've been using most recently is the Sony FDR-X3000 action camera. I put them on cars at the drifting track. The Balanced Optical SteadyShot (BOSS) image stabilizing system is just awesome. I've attached them to boats, motorcycles and tuk-tuk taxis in Thailand. The only time the BOSS got overloaded and couldn't fully stabilize the footage was on a tuk-tuk that had a very rough running engine and the camera was mounted on the front windscreen, which shook violently (like almost an inch back and forth) whenever the driver came to a stop light and put it in neutral. Other than that one time, it looks very smooth. So that's a plus for your requirements. In the menu system you can select neutral or vivid for the color treatment. I always stay with neutral. It will do UHD and it has lots of time code/user bit options. You can also set the angle of view from wide to narrow, but I'd have to check if that's true in all resolutions/shooting modes. The downside is that there isn't any LCD built in to the camera, which makes aiming it and reviewing footage a little more complicated. You can get the watch-style remote control with LCD, but this relies on Bluetooth. I've had enough problems, especially when trying to control 4-5 cameras that I now just plug in my SmallHD DP6 via HDMI to the camera when setting them up and getting my framing. A pain, but I haven't mounted a GoPro to a car ever since I started using the X3000. I don't think the fish-eye is bad at all on this camera. It also has GPS tagging if that's something you'd like.



      No need to recommend the obvious choices that you're already considering, so…

      I have a Canon XC-10 as a companion to my (then 1Dc, but now) 1Dx mkII. I have owned numerous GoPros but haven't really cared for the images they deliver.

      Of course, the XC-10 isn't as small and light as a GoPro, so if you really need that type of camera then that's that. But if you mean you want a light and nimble camera that might go on a Ronin M or something like that, then I think you should consider the XC-10 (or XC-15). It shoots UHD in a "baby C300 mkII codec" and has Canon Log. It's 8 bit, but it's 422 (intra frame). It's light for its size and has great stabilisation. The LCD tilts 90 deg upwards and almost as much down—but not sideways.

      There are many ways Canon could improve this camera—and I wish they would—but for what it is, I don't think it's bad at all.


        You could shoot it on Sony FS7 SLOG, can't beat the 10bit 4:2:2