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Recommendations for any cheap cameras that can blend with Canon 5D3 footage?

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    Recommendations for any cheap cameras that can blend with Canon 5D3 footage?

    I am looking for a lighter cheaper camera to shoot with my Canon 5D 3 but I am concerned about matching the footage at 1080p quality.

    I would like the second camera to shoot with the 5D the-same subject at a different angle but concerned about how they will match in post and how much effort it is to match?

    Are video camcorders out of the question to go with the 5D?

    Anyone use 80D, 70D, A6500, Fujifilm, etc. with a 5D and their thoughts on it?

    Are there cheaper alternatives?

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    I use the 7D II and 80D. Since all Canon cameras have the very same color science, all canon DSLRs intercut with one another seamlessly, when using the same Picture Profile and the shots are from different angles and different focal length. I've read on the forums here few users who reported the 80D to intercut seamlessly with the C100 and C300, after making some adjustments in the Picture Profile and little matching in post.
    The 80D has better image in video and faster autofocus and follow focus in video then both the 5D III and the 7D II. Alas, it does have some moiré and it doesn't have clean HDMI out. The articulate, touch screen is almost indispensable, once being used in shooting video.
    The rebel T6 may be also good, I don't have any experience with it, however, it isn't very much cheaper than the 80D.
    Camera from different brands, like Sony, Panasonic or Fujifilm have significant different look in their video.
    Concerning camcorders, the much smaller sensors also have significant different look. On top of that, the good ones aren't cheaper than the 80D.


      Possibly a used T3i or one of the Eos M cameras. Are you wanting to match depth of field or just sharpness and color?


        having a 1DxmkII, 5DkIII, C100 & 70d...

        the 70D is pretty ****ty compared to even the 5DkIII. moire and stair stepping is very evident on the 70D. forget trying to sharpen in PP when the artifacts are there it just becomes unbearable. i bought the MosaicEngineering filter that pretty much kills the artifacts and makes its somewhat more usable but still not very impressive IMO. even 1600 ISO its falling apart badly! i don't really know about the 80D but imagine it might be better? it couldn't be worse.?

        the most impressive feature on the 70D was its DPAF. its very good and very useful. thats why i bought it but i can't stand the IQ so i never really used it. now the 1DxMKII has DPAF if i need it.

        color wise any canon goes with another canon. all have beautiful color. LOG is not there though except for the C series.



          Originally posted by Imamacuser View Post
          Possibly a used T3i or one of the Eos M cameras. Are you wanting to match depth of field or just sharpness and color?
          All three if possible but more likely color and sharpness without having to do too much post work to convincingly match it.


            Hi I owned the 5d3 and 70d, and while it would cut into 5d footage easily on color (unless there is a lot of red in the scene) however, it depends on the ISO as the noise in mid/low tones such as brown hair to dark brown hair is really noticeable to me. I hated that, but I was able to calm the noise down with neat video or other blur techniques. I think it has to do with FF vs APS-C but I'm just a shooter type.... I bought a 80d but i sold the 5d so I can't compare but the noise seems to be lower by about 15-20% in my quick tests at 3200-5000 iso.

            So long story short, I would buy 80d or maybe a 5dmk2 but only if you don't need the AF of the 80d. Honestly, you could pick up a 5d3 for 1200.00 if you want to mess with noise reduction again depending on your typical ISO you can buy a 70d for 300-400 on ebay.