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Canon 1DC / 1DX Tilta cage V. Letus35 cage?

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    Originally posted by indiawilds View Post
    In your 1DC/1DXII rig, how you are placing your XLR microphones? which adapters are you using? Or are you using non XLR microphones?
    I don't record sound to camera - depending on the shoot I either have a sound op who records to their unit (usually SD cards) or on smaller stuff, I record to my zoom h6. The quality and control of sound on external recorders is far superior to any DSLR and often superior to many production cameras, save a few. That said, I can mount the zoom to my Tilta cage via the 1/4 20 mounts all over the cage, and i have also used the cold shoe mount and a nato rail, the zoom provides mounting options and I run my shotgun (and lavs) to the zoom xlr inputs. It really varies depending on if you're doing a sit-down or if you're running all over the place. Hope that helps? The 2 cages I have used for the 1dc/1dx (Tilta and Letus35) both have many mounting options.


      Hi folks, back on Canon boat, I sold Sony gear and got a 1DxII. Just two answers, anyone tried with AVX Sennheiser system to get audio on camera? I would like to know any thoughts.
      And how to attach external monitor (SmallHD) and Audio at same time!
      All Cages seems so frankenrig!!