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Canon 1DXii underwater 4K 60fps test - Hawaii

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    Canon 1DXii underwater 4K 60fps test - Hawaii

    Received my 1DXii a few weeks back and bought it primarily for an underwater camera. Housing is Nauticam, underwater lens used was 8-15mm f4 and topside shots had a 16-35mm f2.8 ii. All shots are freediving.

    All shots are in 4K 60fps, played back at various speeds. No color grading, minor tweaks only. Various white balance: tried to use custom WB when shooting deeper (picture of a white towel) and sunlight preset when shooting near the surface. Some action crossed over hence the purples and teal color at times.

    No stabilization on video YET and no music yet, just raw video. Really enjoyed the high resolution slow-motion under water. Excellent white balance flexibility. CFast cards no problem (shot about 200gb in 3 hours). Excellent jump from the 7D.

    Turn up YOUR music and enjoy. Would love feedback, critiques, ideas...

    Jaime VallÚs
    AJV Media
    Video, Photography & Graphic Design:


      Very nice!