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Canon 1DC CF cards

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    Canon 1DC CF cards

    Hi Everyone,

    I've recently got a Canon 1DC cheap and really loving the image from it.

    Was thinking about getting some larger CF cards - only using a 64gb at the moment.

    I was thinking about getting a couple of Lexar 128GB 1000x (160mb/s), which I can get quite cheaply or a 256gb card with same specs.

    Has anyone used the 256gb with the 1DC?

    Also, anyone used the KomputerBay card? It's really cheap but is it reliable?

    Thanks in advance for you help. It's really appreciated.

    lexar 256GB 1066X is the best for 1DC I have half a dozen. Must not buy Sandisk, both of mine have problem from time to time. Transcend 128GB 1066X also ok I have also half a dozen of them.

    Komputerbay seem to have all sorts of problem depending on your luck?


      Many thanks for this.

      A big help!