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Alone in Bali! 5D Markiii "recording automatically stopped"!

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  • cookinghusband
    most likely is card issue

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  • egproductions
    My initial guess would be the cards aren't fast enough (the heat might be contributing to it). Try faster cards and see if that works.

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  • Alone in Bali! 5D Markiii "recording automatically stopped"!

    See below email from my co-worker. He's got a big shoot in Bali tomorrow (given time difference proly today) and needs to get 5Diii recording properly. Definitely emergency situation. That 5Dmarkiii is his olnly camera.

    One important thing - I was the last to futz with the camera. Left in "manual sensor cleaning" mode bec/ needed to clean up a dead pixel. I never changed back to automatic sensor cleaning. Could that be causing the issue?

    Let us know soon! Thanks, Nick & Wes

    From Wes:
    Tried filming some today for first time since arrival and having an unusual problem with camera and wondering if you've encountered. Every 2nd or 3rd shot the camera craps out after 4-7 seconds and gives me a message that "the recording has stopped automatically". I reformatted all the cards several times, thinking maybe it was a read/write issue, and it hasn't been overly hot so I don't think it's the camera overheating. Any thoughts? Never encountered this problem before.