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Canon 1DC and third party battery

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    Canon 1DC and third party battery


    I've recently bought a second hand Canon 1DC and wondering if anyone has any experience, good or bad, with third party batteries?

    Was needing to get a couple and trying to save a little bit of cash, if I can. Is it worth the risk? Any suggestion/tips would be most welcome.


    Usually no battery level indication( check out those 1DX photography forums), I prefer to buy second hand 1DX battery or the new 1DX2 battery ( last much longer)


      i buy cheap batteries for my small LED lights and EVF's (canon & sony types - amazon cheapie - mostly Wasabi) but my one time i bought 3 big batteries for my C100 it was a disaster. for the first 4-5 charges everything seemed good but then their performance fell off of a cliff. id be lucky to get 15 minutes on them. on a gig this is as risky using cheap and unproven media.

      on my 1DmkIII & 1DkIV shooting photos battery performance was always great on canon batteries. on my 1DXmkII when using video ill say that it chews thru batteries much faster than anything I've experienced in the past shooting photos. if thats an indicator of how much the 1DC uses batteries in video then id get the real deal if your getting paid for your work.



        Thanks for you advice Folks.

        Much appreciated.