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Shooting B-Roll with Canon 17-40L or GoPro Hero 4 Silver?

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    Shooting B-Roll with Canon 17-40L or GoPro Hero 4 Silver?

    Hi all,

    It's my first thread in the forum so please tell me if the topic is not in the correct place.

    I'm planning to shoot B-Roll footage for a documentary, scenes will be outdoor such as parks, touristic places, mountains etc. I have a 6D, 35mm f/2, fluid head and an Edelkrone slider. Only wide angle lens I have is 35mm for now.

    I'm planning to invest on 17-40L, which has the same price for GoPro Hero 4 Silver in second hand. 17-40 is a better & sharper option probably, but meanwhile I don't have a second camera (not needed for now, but would be great for future).

    Can I have good results with GoPro, with using 2.7K image resolution while shooting outdoor B-rolls? (GVs).

    Which option is more logical for long term investment?


    Long term investment is obviously lens. Lenses retain their value for a long long time.

    Next year you will have a better Go Pro. If you are able to make money out of your Go Pro in a few months, then buy it. Else hire.
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      If you are using the 6D for the rest of the project, the consistency of the footage would prevent other future headaches in coloring and matching. I would also think the lens would add more value long term.

      You can pick up a decent, used Canon 17-40 4.0 in the low $400 range. As an aside, you can also get a Canon 70-200 4.0 non-IS for about the same price. That makes for a great, inexpensive full frame kit, that can cover the whole range from extra wide to tele!

      If you need a backup body, the Canon EOS M is a pretty decent little camera, with the same sensor as the Canon T4i, for about $100. You would also need a $50 Canon adapter to attach EF lenses. I was just playing with mine yesterday on a Canon 70-200 2.8 II mounted on a tripod.

      You can pick up the kit with the EOS M, the ED-M 22 mm 2.0 STM, the 18-55 STM kit lens, and the Canon adapter for around $300-$325. Or pick up a Canon SL1 body for $390.

      Good luck!


        There is a saying that a 35mm is a 24mm but a few steps back, while not 100% technically accurate you get the idea. a 35mm is typically a sharper lens (all things being equal). If you need wider than 24mm or can't take those few steps back then I would go with the Tokina 16-28 in that price range...I'm not a fan of the 17-40.
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          If you're shooting mountains, taking a few steps back with a 35mm won't do much.
          But yeah, considering OP already has a 35mm, maybe the Tokina is a better buy.