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5D iii - ND Filters (IRND?)

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    5D iii - ND Filters (IRND?)

    I am in the process of buying a mattebox from someone.
    I will be using the 5D iii with 4x5.65" filters.

    With DSLR's, how important is it still to use IRND filters?
    I want to buy a set of ND's (Tiffen HV Kit 0.3-1.8)
    I can get them as IRND filters, or regular filters with a separate IR filter so its cheaper.
    *MY mattebox will accommodate about 4 filters. So, I should be fine with extra filters. Hopefully combining the ND with the IR filter isnt a bad thing.

    But I dont know how important it is to use IR filters on the 5D iii, especially with thicker NDs and since there is already an IR filter built in.
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    Good question Michael, I would love to find out for sure. This is exactly the type of information we need from the bloggers, instead of the endless beating of the drums to get people to buy the latest cameras. The video and photography industry bloggers drive me crazy with this, so much noise, so little useful information.

    The only thing I can find is that Shane Hurlburt says the 5D2 DID NOT need IRND, and he in fact recommended the non IR Water White ND's from Tiffen. Of course he also has a deal with Tiffen (paid spokesperson) so take his advice with that in mind. And, the question remains, does the 5D3 have the same IR filtration built-in that the 5D2 does. I would guess that it does, but who knows without testing?

    Read the comments on these two blog posts about ND filters: (somewhere in the comments he talks about the 5D2 and using non IR ND filters). Unfortunately, like most other bloggers, he was too lazy to go back and clarify that point in the blog post itself.

    Hurlburt said " I have shot with the WWIR NDís and WW NDís. This is what I find. I love golden skin tones and the IRís give you that. The WW NDís donít effect the color in any way and deliver a cleaner image. I use both at all times."


      There are infared blocking filters in all of the Canon high end DSLR's and EOS Cinema cameras. The Canon 5D II and III do not need IR filtration and neither do the Canon C300 and C100. But, if you are also going to shoot on Red cameras you may need to purchase or rent IR filtration.