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"El Tio", short film shot on 5DM3 with the ML raw hack, english subtitles

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    Thanks a lot for the amazing comments, folks.

    Samir, tomorrow I'll upload full frames of the first shot to show the aliasing.

    With the 5DM3 there seems to be an almost indescernible amount of aliasing in contrasty near horizontal lines. It's mostly invisible, but seems to get augmented by interframe compression and by downsizing to 720. Did you see the aliasing on the Vimeo compression or in the original h264 file?


      Really great, in every aspect!
      And unfortunatelly the story seems so familiar...


        Very nice.
        Saludos desde Madrid.


          I'm sorry I'm late.

          Here are two comparisons, with and without sharpening, set in the Adobe Raw Module. When used, the sharpening settings are circa 70 amount, 0.5 radius and 25 detail.

          I've left our most of the CC to show a more neutral image and the results are much more different than I expected, to be honest. Keep in mind that the Canon zoom lens is extremely soft when wide open, which was the case of the first opening shot. Also the sharpening makes more evident the little native aliasing of the camera. Look for it in the car of the opening shot.

          Uploaded with

          Here are the direct links to the JPG's:


            Looks like what I was seeing was mainly the result of the sharpening plus viewing the vimeo version.
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