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5DM3 RAW recording - pink horizontal stripes - please HELP..

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    5DM3 RAW recording - pink horizontal stripes - please HELP..

    Hi to all ML users! Sorry for my bad English.. I'm new to the ML and the RAW video..

    As for my problem: using the RAW module on my 5DM3 (running the Nov 3 build) and recording onto 128GB Komputerbay 1050x CF card. At very irregular intervals I get pink horizontal stripes, affecting 1 or 2 (neighbouring) frames.

    See the .DNG files with the affected frames:

    Is it the sensor, CF card recording or ML issue?

    This only happens when I'm recording the RAW video, at various resolutions and frame rates - 1920x1080 24/25p, 1920x818 24/25p, 960x408 24/25p. When recording the "Canon" MP4 video, I do not experience this problem.

    Any of you, guys, have experienced this? Thanks a lot for your suggestions!!!


    Hi Kubak, I took a look at your DNG's and I have never seen anything like that happen before. I think this is caused by a CF card issue. Do you have another fast CF card to test with?

    The other thing I would do is go back to a known good older build and try again with the same CF card, specifically the August 6th build used by lensrentals on their rental raw recording 5D3s.

    Unfortunately that build is no longer downloadable from the magic lantern site, but I kept a copy and will upload it for you.
    ML August 6th build for 5D Mark III. This link is good for 7 days:

    You can read about lensrentals 5D3 raw here:


      How are you encoding the DNG's?
      Trying re-encoding them from the raw files in Resolve for instance.
      I suspect the problem is occurring on the computer side, not in the RAW file itself.


        Thank you both, Celluloid Dream and yoclay, for your replies!

        Unfortunatelly, I cannot do any more testing (thanks for the link to the older ML build, Celluloid Dream) because BOTH of my Komputerbay 128GB 1050x CF cards cannot be read/formatted now.

        After having copied the RAW files to the computer using a true USB 3.0 UDMA7 card reader and successfully ejecting the CF card, the card cannot be formatted, neither in the sdformatter (as the Komputerbay TechSupport team suggested me) nor in the Disk Utility of my Mac OS, nor in camera. My 5DM3 won’t record to the card as it says that no CF is detected.

        I've found out that I'm not the only one with these corrupted frames as it seems I'm having the same issue as another ML user, see the link


          If your cards are within a month of purchase usually you can return them.
          I have had more luck with the 64Gb version. One bad card, but I knew within minutes of using it and returned it.