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5d mark III Video: Am i the only one?

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    5d mark III Video: Am i the only one?

    hi all,

    i got my 5d mark iii and i have started loving it. though i also have my old canon xh a1s video camera and i can't get over the fact that i still love my old xh a1s.

    So, i was wondering, am i the only one, who still find the image quality of my xh a1s more beautiful and rich in colours than my 5d mark iii? no wonder, 5d is good in low light, wide angles and shallow dof, but colour wise, i find xh a1s out performs 5d mark iii.

    hence, i feel am i the only one who feels this way? i have only two lenses and both are not supposedly great lenses. one is 24-105 f4 and other is 50mm f1.8. do you thinks its because of the lenses or the image of xh a1s is superior than 5d.

    I think you have to factor in post processing to get great video from the 5DMKIII. I would also say that about still photography but to a much lesser extent. There is something to be said about using a dedicated video camera for shooting video compared to using a stills camera. In some respects a video camera will look "proper" for the medium. One area is color space. Video cameras are designed around the YUV color spectrum and still cameras are designed with RGB in mind.

    To me, the 5D does not really create great video images until you shoot RAW. The in-camera recording is o.k. but there are some weaknesses. I will never think the 5D is a video camera replacement. It works well is certain types of shooting but is too limited in others.


      I love the 5D3 video and if you want a more XH look try the Canon "Video X" picture profile. It was built by Canon to match the cameras more closely. PP are very important to the 5D's and so is post CC and sharpening. I'm waiting for the RAW ML hack a little longer. I have tried it, but the workflow for paying gigs just doesn't cut it for me yet. Adobe is about to take care of that for me I think/hope.


        Payal: If you want great looking 'video', stick with the XH a1s.

        If you want greater dynamic range and unlimited post grading ability, learn the capabilities and the process of shooting the 5Dm3 with a profile such as Flaat_10 and grade with 'Color Assist' or 'DaVinci Resolve'.

        Don't expect 'video' to jump out of the 5D unless you are using the above mentioned 'Video X' or perhaps, 'Landscape' PP but take the time to learn the abilities of the 5D and you will be astounded at the look and to answer your question - I mean no disrespect - you are not the only one but perhaps one of the few.

        formerly SNP


          I admire the XHA1 and used it for years. I actually miss using it. It's the best video camera I've ever had. The 5D is its own thing. If I had it my way I would still have the A1 and use it along with the 5D. However I have the C300 now and it's superior to both without question.

          Either way I know what the OP means regarding the A1's image. I used the Panalook preset on the camera and loved the image. It was 1440x1080 HDV but the color from the camera and its unique look is something I always loved. Both are great cams in their own right.


            When you dial in the 5D correctly, and get the lighting right, there is no way you will still feel the same. I have no problem still using smaller sensor camcorders, like my xf305. Fabulous quality, a great all in one package. But when I hit it right with my 5D, (or the C100) and get the correct out of focus background for interviews, and the ability to work in much lower light effectively, along with the latitude, I'm not going to reach for the xf305 for most jobs. With wildlife in well lit situations, it's a toss up. Shooting on stage for shows, with lots of stage light, as either A or B cam, no problem. But to get the right shots that set things apart, I'll grab the 5D. I can tell the difference with no problem. There have been a few jobs where I have not gotten the same quality from the 5D, but it's been my fault.

            And I get superb stills if I want while shooting the job. A bonus.