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Markii, Live View + HDMI output while recording?

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    Markii, Live View + HDMI output while recording?

    Tried looking for this answer and couldn't find it. Got a 5d m2. I want to output to a monitor thru HDMI and be able to see live view and monitor while recording. Is this possible thru an update or Magic Lantern? What if I did composite video out?

    when hdmi cable is attached camera liveview is NOT possible on 5D2.

    hdmi output is possible on the 5d2, with canon firmware hdmi output is HD while previewing and when you press record, it blacks out for a couple of seconds then shows SD resolution.
    it goes back to hd when you stop recording.

    with magic lantern, you have an option.

    when recording native H264 ML can let you choose to have SD out all the time so theres no black out when you hit record.

    when recording Raw video, the hdmi output stays in HD all the time, in preview and while recording.
    Ted Ramasola
    Allen, TX, U.S.A