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Poll/Question: Canon 5D RAW User's Guide

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    Really appreciate the pdf. An old hand at stills but a newbie to moving images all help is appreciated. As a Nikon guy I have just taken the plunge and ordered a 5D3 solely for the purpose of the new raw developments. Expect I will be asking some basic stuff but hopefully to limit all that I will read the pdf first!!

    Actually I was just about to purchase the EOSHD version!! Indeed I never mind paying too much for stuff occasionally because I learn so much in between, often without any payment at all. So the odd payment now and again I don't get too upset about. But you guys raise good points about of the important stuff being provided completely free of charge, I will be contributing directly to where the money should go in the first place.


      developments are moving so fast. do check this every once in a while.
      Ted Ramasola
      Allen, TX, U.S.A


        Hey! Just got back from some semi-vacation, so I'll get back to work on the Guide tomorrow and hopefully have a new version posted by Monday.
        Stephen Mick
        Owner/Creative Director
        Skylark Creative