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Music Video shot on Mark3

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    Music Video shot on Mark3

    Hey all,
    I competed in a recent competition that gave you 4 days to conceptualize, film, and edit a music video. Our team took home the "founders choice" award, and I think we did considerably well given our time allotment. My creative input resided only within shot composition and lighting, and there are a few places (particularly steadicam wise), that I would have loved a few more takes on. This was 1080p IPB, with some GH1 footage intercut as well.

    Here's the link

    I hope you enjoy!

    Really liked the parallel stories. What was used for lighting?
    One day at a time.


      Thanks Chief!

      Outdoors in front of porch was all natural light (we had a nice cloudy day to work with)

      Porch scenes were a 5k open face Arri for some, a CN600 Led panel for some

      Laundry shot was a single Omni bounced off the ceiling

      Love scene was a CN600 bounced

      Bedroom play scene was a bounced omni

      The fight scene on the stairs inside was a set of 2 omni softboxes, one towards the stairs and one towards the band. That was a tricky glidecam to pull off without shadows!

      The bar singing scenes were 2 CN600s, one fill, one mainly backlight.

      Death scene was ambient available, as were the crowd shots, drinking shots, and against the wall shots in the bar.

      We established the sephia toned grade before we even got started, and I knew that lighting would be impacted by it, so I mainly went for simplicity, the jump cuts also make it interesting, because people don't have time to full process each shot.