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Sharpness and AA filter on DSLR?

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    Originally posted by gene_can_sing View Post
    I bought into the whole DSLR revolution in 2008 and bought a ton of Canon lenses thinking they would fix all the known issues and we would have a great camera. But year after year, it was just one disappointment after another. The latest 5D3 was just such a let down in a series of let downs.
    Great camera designs, rationed out and delivered by corporate accounting strategists. Good enough to get fantastic world class film like images, but not all you dreamed for. Bitter sweet this DSLR revolution for some, but just sweet for others.
    I Just remember not long ago, buying a 400 foot can of Kodak 35mm film, processing, daily and transferring it scene by scene to HD tape via Spirit and get only 4 minutes of raw footage.
    Today for the price of that, I can add one new Canon L lens for about every can of film I used to shoot. This is sweet.
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