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H4n connected to 5d3

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    Originally posted by gonzo_entertainment View Post
    It's a bottom end recorder. It's OK, it's better than the camera for sure, but it's "entry level" at best. ...
    well, i think the h4n is a bit higher than bottom-end digi-corders @ <$100. but ok, point taken: i'm a pro photographer, would i distinguish between a $300 and a $100 digicam? no. they're both bottom end. ;-)

    but i suppose my real point is that the h4n sound is *worse* than the on-camera audio for the 7d in quiet situations. the 7d sound was weak, but the *self-noise* was nil. the self noise (sound floor?) for the h4n is just far far too high. this is clear from recording any kind of voice (no background music or other, just voice).

    the tascam dr100-mk2 is much cleaner: self-noise is almost nil. tested it today for an instructional event at 8 feet away from the main speaker. surprisingly clean, nice gain. again: clearly not 'pro', but i'm not looking for magic at <$300. just looking for 'nice'. h4n ain't. dr100-2 is. .. me thinks.
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