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Heliopan Variable 77mm ND filter

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    Heliopan Variable 77mm ND filter

    I tested the Video features of the 5D3 and a Filter is essential outdoors.

    The Heliopan Variable 77mm ND filter seems to have sold out all over including and from what I read it is the best.
    Any ideas people?

    Foto Mayr in Germany have them in stock for immediate delivery. Because of the design of their website I cannot provide a direct link but if you search on Heliopan in the search box in the top right of the page & then scroll down the page you will find "Heliopan - Variograufilter - Typ 2099 77 x 0,75 mm (mit Frontgew.) ND 0,3-1,8" at 199.95 Euros


      Nigel....many thanks for that.

      I had seen it on another German Website (this one with an english version of their website) but they too were out of stock.

      This is a rare find and I have shot off an order to them.

      The filter is just a must have for 5D3 Video outdoors......thanks again for that!


        You are welcome. Glad that I could help as coincidentally just yesterday I had been looking for a Heliopan Variable ND filter for my own 5D3 & came upon a reference to Foto Mayr on another forum then found the site & ordered my own. I would really have liked an 82mm as then I could use it on my 15-35mm F/2.8L & used step down rings for my lenses with 77mm & 72mm filter rings. Sadly that was out of stock.


          What will you use yours for mostly Nigel....stills or video?

          Brilliant Camera that I have been waiting for a long's just you need cetaint things to get good video with it....that filter and my next purchases a Red Rock follow focus and a Zacuto external monitor.

          It's unlucky for you that you couldn't get the 82mm one for your 16-35....the ND is going to influence what lenses I buy for up is the 70-200 L II.

          Low Light is fantastic on this camera.


            I agree it's a fantastic camera & a very significant upgrade on the 5D2 for both stills & video. I have been using a 5D2 mostly for video for over three year now.

            I agree that the 70-200 L II is a fantastic lens. Really sharp & with super IS.

            Before getting all the extra bits & bobs for it I suggest just shooting naked for a while. With the 5D2 I have now discarded the follow focus, external monitor & should rig in favour of a simple loupe & a monopod or ultra light weight carbon fibre tripod for stability. Currently there isn't a loupe that will fit well on the 5D3 so I am just looking at the (much improved) screen. Part of the attraction of using a DSLR is to be able to travel light with great flexibility but once you start complicating things you lose that simplicity.


              I agree with you..coming from a Sony Ex3..thats part of the reason I wanted to switch over to the 5D3 for video too because I want to be able to fit everything I need into my Kata Bag.

              That and price of accessories...650euro for a Sachtler Ace Tripod v 1,200-1,500 for a Miller Tripod for the Ex3.
              I want a two camera setup (intend on getting a second 5D3 later in the year).

              A loupe is another must in daylight....what do you edit with Nigel?....I use Premiere Pro & AE.